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  • Sunday, December 18, 2005
    ok. so me and kevin have been talking about this for a while. he wants to get into bloggin more but has pretty much given up on the umbrella tree. (i'll cite his last post) anyway it works out perfectly cuz i've been wanting to add a bit of political discussion to the old girl and he's full of good ol' liberal (viewpoint not party) ideas to spark your/my imagination. i promise they wont involve hurting small children.
    Winners never quit and quitters never win.
    Stephan Harper is a quitter

    Just reading some bios on our potential new P.M (after the presumably immanent snap election) and have come to the startling realization that he’s a blatant and chronic quitter.

    Example 1: He quit on his marriage. After years of bliss he and his wife decided to split up after personal and ideological differences occurred.

    Example 2: He quit on his teacher, mentor and friend (Jim Hawkes). After Hawkes taught Harper the ropes in politics and treated him as a close friend by inviting him to family functions, he ran against him on a fringe platform in 1988. Not surprisingly Harper and his entire party was trampled on during that election year.

    Example 3: In 1993 Harper won a seat in parliament. Before his tenure was complete, he not only quit from his party, but also quit from his position as a member of parliament… Effectively abandoning the thousands of constituents who voted him in.

    Example 4: He joined the National Citizens Coalition (a right wing lobbying group), quickly climbed to the top of the ladder, and subsequently quit before he could lead his spearheaded effort to exonerate third party spending limits in Canadian elections.

    Example 5: He quit on Canadian ideals. We believe in equality and peace for all. Harper on the other hand has generated initiatives to erect an unequal health care system (2 tier) and sent out letters to American newspapers apologizing on behalf of Canadians for not joining the now proven fraudulent War in Iraq.

    Example 6: He has quit on Canadian unity. He believes that there is “no unity with Quebec” and generally tends to be an alienated westerner who blames his provinces (Alberta’s) problems on the East. He even created policy recommendations which would separate Alberta from the rest of the country and be completely independent from Canada for health care, education, and taxes. Not the attitude you’d want from a national leader.

    To those who care: this information all came from Wikipedia and the CBC.
    thanks kev for / keep up the good work.

    EJ [ 10:34 AM ]