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  • Monday, April 11, 2005
    While I'm not gonna say much but it looks like this big bully was after this poor little kid's candy.
    When this defenceless little guy refused to give up his lollipop the ogre got mad. He strangled him until the child could no longer take his punishment and finally relinquished his candy.
    Having lost his candy the child attempted to fight back his accuser. All his attempts failed and the bully walked away with his new aquired loot in hand. When the child tried to get in a punch on the side the bully ran away screaming, "Hate Crime." Sad. This reporter blames the bullies upbringing. A childhood full of oppresion and a lack of friends has caused him to turn evil. When confronted for comment he stated, "My parents pay people to be friends with me." "Their propobly paying you off to talk to me right now. A sad life just got sadder.
    - This is a parody. The views expressed are not those of anyone, anywhere.

    EJ [ 11:14 PM ]