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  • Thursday, August 18, 2005
    the fashion business seems to have declined in the past few years. and as of now should be declared in a full fledged slump. whether its tyra banks in a bra worth more than her sweater kittens inside of it are insured for. or as of late this livestrong trend that we've all heard so much about. at least we're all helping some greedy fat cats get just alittle richer. and u thought that money was going to fight cancer. right. ...who thought that a yellow bracelet was a good idea. plus its not like we heard enuf of this "if your not with us. your with the cancer" rhetoric.

    so as a response we here at no sugar added have started a new trend of our own. the inside-out shirt trend is now set to rock the fashion world like no other trend ever has. encourage your friends to join in on the fun. if they won't use peer pressure. use phrases like "all the cool kids are doing it" and "way to wear your shirt the right way, loser!" that lets ur friends know u care about them being as cool as you.

    westside anyone?

    seconds after its invention the trend caught on

    and nsa's trend has its first model and fan

    its just like so pimp, right? -brent

    bluesteel, pure bluesteel

    i mean its a good idea right? i mean this fresh new idea. it will rock the fashion world for sure. plus the money is going to charity. oh wait its not? ah well, no one likes poor people anyway. -brent

    pure inside-out hottness

    EJ [ 10:08 PM ]