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  • Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    now is it just me or is the one thing special that us guys could do was pee standing up. of course there were some girls who would try to prove u wrong and do some half squat thrust to prove they could do it too. but we all knew that was bull. now what can we do thats special. besides stupid penis tricks like those two crazy guys did. and toured quite successfully with. but hey i'm not complaining the magic cone will just further add to the plethora of bathroom jokes in any comedy troops bag of tricks. yes, thats right i just said plethora. i mean it'll be a great ad campaign if they can pull it off the right way. imagine a girl sits down in a stall and is disgusted to hear the sound of someone peeing standing up in the stall next to her. she washes her hands and waits for what she expects to be a man leaving the stall. when a woman appears. shocked, the other woman calms her by saying "relax, its magic cone." golden, just golden ...showers even.
    click the pic for some solid flash animation.

    erreta: comments are now word verified so i dont get comment spammed again ... by bots anyways. the regular kind is welcome to keep happening. i encourage it.

    EJ [ 6:22 PM ]