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  • Saturday, July 09, 2005
    with my family out of town it just me and jake in this big ol' house. its funny cuz it takes him a while to get over being depressed about the rest of my family leaving. but jakes finally gotten back to being his good ol' happy old self. maybe it because i came back from work like i promised him before i left last nite. and maybe its because as soon as i got home we went for a walk. but now jake won't leave my side and we make a pretty good team. now instead of mopin' he is all happy and he gets scared when i do things like open the front door cuz he thinks i'm gonna leave. it takes some reassuring but jake is now starting to get the jist of my routine and isn't so afraid of when i leave the room he's in. the next two weeks just me and jake. the brothers jel. we'll do fine.

    a note : this post took quite a while to write as i can only type one handed. my other hand is patting jake. if i let up he sneezes and then nudges me until i start again. i don't mind though. he's a good dog.

    EJ [ 7:12 AM ]