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  • Wednesday, June 08, 2005
    so i've been remiss in my blogging duties as of late and have not always been there for the old girl as much as i should. but you know how it is you start things off everything is great. all matters of relations are frequent and fun. but then things get a little dull and things need to be spiced up. i like all husbands will not blame myself but shift the blame on to things like long hours at the office and that frisky girl from accounting. lets see what is there to keeps you guys up to date on. hmmm. work continues to be the same old continuingly predominating ogre or ogress in my life. other than that i sleep, i eat, i hang out with my homie g's in the crib. ( for the record the crib is ocean park ) welcome to the jungle , we've got fun a games ? other that that ej continues to live , learn , laugh , love .

    EJ [ 7:18 PM ]