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  • Monday, June 20, 2005
    i have until now placed a boycott on the abc reality show - the scholar. the show is based around forcing a bunch of kids to go through events with the hopes of getting there post secondary educations payed for. i did not intend to watch this show but i ended up stumblin on to it for a second while i was doing a periodic channel surf. what pissed me off about this show was how the kids would talk about how it would be impossible to go through post secondary education with out this scholarship. and how they couldn't depend on previous generations for financial help. there was something about this that just didn't sit right with me. maybe it was the large amount of complaining that i heard within the span of 30 seconds. or maybe it was something else. like how msot college kids are in this same boat. i mean most ppl from uni i know are in debt or about to go into debt and they aren't complaining. its the realities of our situation and 8 whining kids on tv shouldn't get anymore attention then the rest of us.

    EJ [ 8:07 PM ]