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  • Sunday, May 15, 2005
    Having completed my nite shift duties at ye ol' Safeway (or waysafe as tom would like it to be called ... for some reason) i started to walk home. It was raining out but I didn't mind as walking in the rain in a t-shirt and jeans is pretty cool everyonce and a while. Anyways as I neared home I realized that it looked like mid day and more strikingly that my body now though it was 4 in the afternoon even though I new it was just past 6. Thinking this phenonmenon to be simply odd I brushed it off and went on with the ongoing events of my afternoon in the morning. I went for a run a made a pot of coffee and all that other junk but upon opening the curtains at 7ish I realized that this phenomenon was el' crazy. It really can only be described by one word. "queer" Queer as a Three Dollar Bill. This freak phenonmenom was documented by photograph.

    i put on a range of facial expressions thes 2 were the coolest

    this look can only be described as quizzical
    then i got bored of that and since jake (my dog) was lying down in his chair i decided to take some pics with him

    we can mimick each others facial expressions pretty well
    ill attempt to describe whats jake's trying to convey

    deer in the headlights ... or dog in the headlights rather

    what happens when a dog trys to seduce the camera

    the shifty eyes ... i might have a better handle on it then him

    EJ [ 7:56 AM ]