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  • Saturday, May 07, 2005
    So my first shift of the summer happened today at good ol' Safeway # 109. Let me see what were the pros and cons of this adventure. Cons : waking up early and having work then. Pros : There aren't many. ...Just kidding. I enjoy my time at Safeway for the most part and it is a pretty cool place to work. While the people are cool atleast. So yah, I saw Howie today. Wow can he brighten your day. Especially since I thought we had lost him to the dark side of management forever. But nay he's still fighting for us good guys. And he hopes that he isn't getting transferred to another store. Which is cool because I think 4 months of working with Howie would be rather fresh. Fresh Prince that is. Excuse the poor humour I have had very little sleep and most things are funny to me currently. What else can I say Frank shaved his head for charity today which was cool. Not so much that he raised money but that I got to see him get tortured as someone shaved his head. It was super nice!

    As for the rest of my day nothin particularily crazy has occured or will likely occur. I wathed the Kentucky Derby and was quickly disappointed when my pic didn't win, place, or show. And incase your wondering NO my pick wasn't that stupid dramatic story of Afleet Alex. I was hoping for a win by Stienbrener's Horse, Bellamy Road, would win. But it would be too much to ask for a crzy cool horse like him to win. Ah well if Smarty Jones couldn't do it no one can. Win the Triple Crown that is. Seriously Bellamy Road won earlier this season by 17 lengths. And in the last 16th of a mile the jockey turned and waved to the crowd he was so ahead. How cool is that. While I think it is. Anyways after that Alex came over and we caught up before he is back of to UVIC in the morrow.So it was good to see him before he is off for 4 months. As for tonite I have no idea what shall happen. There was talk of the Niels Hanson Experience dropping by. And if not Alex might come over again. Ah the boundless possibilities of an endless summer. 4 months to be precise.

    EJ [ 6:23 PM ]