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  • Friday, May 27, 2005
    as i was working away today making the store look pretty there were a few products which caught my eye. and not in a good way. and yes this is meant to both tantalize your taste buds and tickle ur funny bone at the same time. these two things that caught my eye were rice and cereal. and i know what your thinkin. there can't be anything bad about these but believe me there are. the first item i cam across was the rice and i was pretty shocked that anyone would name anything this. it was called " uncle tom's rice " now who was the idiot who thought they would sell their rice under that name. i don't know something about that remind's me about this book about the problems of slavery. and the the fact that it is sort of a racial slur makes this product in my mind alittle less then kosher. ... although it did have a delightful " k " in the corner meaning it was okay for those who celebrate the sabbath. but thats another story. the other product was jordan's morning crisp. this particular variety of jmc was called " bursting with nuts " now i dont know if there is a better way to say that your cereal is chock full of nutty goodness. perhaps there isn't. maybe a " with nuts " label in the corner would have been slightly better then the big bold print which implies the box isnt just full of but is bursting with protien. and by protien i mean the kind that u get from ingesting almonds and such. get your mind out of the gutter people's. to all of you who are saying ooh a penis joke real funny. well yeh it is.

    EJ [ 11:19 AM ]