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  • Saturday, May 21, 2005
    1 thing that i thought in my childhood was cool that i know think is stupid. Wishbone. Who though dressing a dog up in a costume and making him a character in a novel was a good idea. I don't. And I have to admit that even at the time Wishbone although it filled up the 4 - 430 timeslot in my afterschool activities monday - friday it was on the whole rather banal. I don't think any dog has the capacity to go "the boy who gives me food has a problem in his life. what novel mirrors this proplem and how can i fix his problem given the fact that im a dog and cant talk. and you remember that other show ghostwriter what the hell was with that. i sorta wanna see it again to see if it is hot shit like it was in grade 2. from what i can remember the ghost would help them solve problems by writing things in the air for the children to see. and of course every person in society was represented on the show : the asian girl the black girl the black guy the white girl the mexican girl nerdy white guy and henry winleresque cool white guy. the funny thing was is that each character had only one of to choices. they were either cool and dangerous and on the edge but still solving crime for the good of society. or they were nerdy by the book ppl whose curfews were at 2 in the afternoon. i guess all show that are crime solving always need an equal group of "good" cops and "bad" cops. those who play by the rules and those who make there own rules. and then there was the ghost who was like there dead friend who died because of the horrors of youth stricken by the marijuana or something. she was killed by pot smoking teenagers or sumthin ... right ... i remember in my class all of us guys who watched the show would always ask eachother which guy was the coolest on the show and which girl we liked. that and we would each play a character in the show and play a game at recess. i cant remember which girl i liked. i really dont think it matters now. i dont think it did.

    EJ [ 6:56 PM ]