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  • Monday, May 02, 2005
    And I'm not just talking about in my pants.
    While enough jokes. So I figured since I haven't added photos in a long while I should add some to spurce the place up. Lets see where to start...
    Oh yeh the track.
    Me and my dad went down to Hasting a few weekends ago. It was cool.
    Heres some pics.

    me chillin' at the post

    some hourse racing by through the muck

    a dirty jockey ... and no thats not me putting down little people

    .... alright onto the beach
    me and JPang went down to the beach yesterday. it was a gas

    me and the panger

    the beach in all its glory

    some ppl's shoes that i really wanted to steal. jpang talked me out of it

    a ladder to a place that even a midget could roll himself onto

    jessica dealing with the vertigo a she climbed this high ladder

    me extatic that i summited this behemouth

    yup thats it me and my life ...
    lets see. wat else can i tell u about m life.
    it mostly consist of me hangin out with the old gang (pat, craig, tanya, cam, and niels) and back to the same stupid antics as usual. i wouldn't have it any other way.

    EJ [ 3:00 AM ]