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  • Friday, April 22, 2005
    This post might not be that coherent as I am without sleep. It was a fitting way though to end the year off. One that I will not soon forget. Although lots of people have already gone and left us behind it is those left that have made this last nite great. Casey and Tom a perfect chill night to cap of all of those chill nights past. And ... what can I say about floor 6. You guys kicked ass all night long making it special. It's a long list of shout-outs so bear with me. Marley, Bri, Cate, Katie, Leeya, and Dee. To the rest of you who came out last nite; high fives to Larissa and Dinae. Finally where would I be without Dan and Aussie Dave. I just dont know. The Denny's breakfast was the key nightcap following all the other junk today. So wahat can I say about last nite besides the craziness that insued. While we established once again that security up here on the mountain strive to be the biggest deuches in the world. If there is a deuche that cleans more dirty vagina I would like to find it. We decided the best way to end the year would be to watch the sun rise from the AQ. So with that in mind we left Rez at 5:30 and headed out to find the perfect spot. The best place was on top of the education building swinging are feet over the edge. Relaxing and watching the sun slowly peek over the mountains. Just enjoying eachothers company and the beautiful view. Then security decides to come up and narc it all up for everyone. "You gotta get of the roof now." This is where I give Aussie Dave the keys to the castle; he turns around to the security guard and says, "Fuck You!" It was perfect. All the security guard could do was call for backup and just keep saying, "Ten-4," into his radio. So we got to watch the sunrise even though the security beotch was sitting there tryng to muster all of his authority. Here's the deal Intial Security - Hire some employees with BALLS or don't bother. Any way after that we went and sat around the AQ Pond reflecting on the great year and just enjoying some general relaxation as the day broke. Peace. Tranquility. Deuche Bags.

    EJ [ 8:06 AM ]