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  • Tuesday, April 12, 2005
    I know that I Have been posting alot about this kid lately but seriously he's meeting all the requirements
    Check it Out!
    1. He has a penis. It's the most important criteria for becoming pope. If your not swinging pipe then its not your nite sister.
    2. He is a virgin. Kevin's love for abstaining from sleeping with the orgy of girls who follow him clearly show he is devoted to a higer power. Seriously have you seen some of them.
    3. He is like a male Mother Theresa. He selflessly donates his time and resources to helping others. Namely his donation of Poli Sci notes to a certain sinner. That sinner was me.
    4. His race will piss off every right-wing christian in the world. I'm sorry but if for no other reason vote because of this one.
    Come on cardinals you know you wanna.
    Vote Kevin Dhillon for Pope 2005
    "My parents will pay you to be my friends." - Kevin Dhillon
    Either that or this can of Fanta - I don't care which.
    Electing German Orange Soda to the position of Man Kinds Communicator with Christ since 1903.

    EJ [ 11:28 PM ]