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  • Wednesday, April 13, 2005
    Okay, I'm Sorry when the hell did it become okay for everyone to shove their religion in your face. If a conversation is going well you don't have to fuck everything up by being all like, "Hey here's my religion why don't I just talk about it for the next hour." I'm sorry but if I know you as a christian wouldn't like me shoving my belief in an absense of a god in your face why the hell is it okay for you to shove jesus in my face. It was like a fucking jesus facial it was. Here's todays news flash I don't care about you and your relationship with God. A religious belief is a personal thing not one that you go screaming to the world. If you love jesus and he's your homeboy that's fine but you can feel free to keep me out of it. I don't care that something wasn't right between you and god that day. I don't. And when the hell does that become an excuse for actions. If I ever go to court that is my defence. Nuf' Said. By university I thought that people were smart enough to realize that their are a few things you don't talk about with people who arent like minded. It just gets them pissed off. So for those who dont know if you ever meet someone until you find out their views you shouldn't bring up any of these topics. Religion. Abortion. Gay Marriage. For those of you who don't know my position on these its. Atheist. Pro Choice. And Why The Hell Not. God! The right-wing religious piss the fuck out of me.

    EJ [ 11:25 AM ]