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  • Monday, April 18, 2005
    God! What is the deal with people and their absolute love for constantly changing their mind. I mean yester C was over and was telling me how both J and H didn't wanna go to University tonite for like a last nite dinner. Then just now I walk into Evan's room and Jeff and Heather have done a jolly-old-fucking about face. Could we stick our convictions just once people. I make my descisions on what to do based on the facts you give me. I can't make a good descision with the fickle pieces of shit. And now I'm in the bad books cuz im not coming. Fuck! Sorry, but you didn't wanna do that yesterday so I decided to eat somewhere else. Now its all like i'm missing out and being the douche bag when it was those fickle fucks who got in the way. Idiots!

    EJ [ 6:49 PM ]