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  • Wednesday, April 27, 2005
    God. Can you give me the fuckin facts before I make my descisions. I don't want to make my desciosions on key issues in my life and then be given the true facts about the issue hours later when I cannot make the actual descision. Here's a tip folks. Give me the facts first! Then I can make a descision thats infromed instead of being lambasted with the truth later. Now I am stuck betweeen a rock and a hard place and I'm fucked wherever I go. God! Idiots. Well it ain't no surprise that you'd turn it around on me. I know a Theory of a Deadman quote can never be construded as anything but trite and assine but in this case I fiugured it was warranted. Anyway my most recent case of people not allowing me to make an iunformed descision came today when I was to asked if I wanted to set up a dental appointment. My mom was going there anyway for a routine cleaning and I said sure why not. She said that she would call me with the details to confirm and I said that was fine. She calls me and tells me that their is a cancellation for tommorow and therefore their is an opening at 7:00 PM. Since I have nothing going on in the lull point between supper and the night I decide that its fine. Then at dinner tonite I get bindsided by a semi-truck of a ommission. I'm not actually seeing the family dentist but some bitch no one has heard of before. Thanks for the heads up 5 hours ago. Not! So I get stuck being the guinea pig with some new dentist while everyone else gets to go to the same reliable dentist we've been goin to forever. Thanks. When I then say that I would've liked to know this when I could've declined and set an appointment with our dentist I get reamed out. Then ensues the talk about how I shoudl be greatful for things like the fact that our family has a dental plan. Why is it that whenever you try to argue one thing people then attack you on a completely different front. Newsflash! I'm not shitting on your dental plan I just want my regular dentist. MAn one thing I wish people would get is that an argument doesn't mean I am attacking you as a person I am disputing the idea. That way people don't take offence to everything and can actually talk instead of yelling like morons. I've blogged enough. E-dot out!
    Edit : Copyright. Your Not Stealing It Simple Plan!

    EJ [ 7:28 PM ]